Decentralizing Finance

Swirge | Pay is a fully decentralized payment platform built on the blockchain.



Swirge | Pay is

A Decentralized payment platform...

DEX Social Media

Swirge is a decentralized social media platform that users complete control over their account data and privacy, Swirge is built on the blockchain.

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DEX Marketplace

Seamlessly integrated into the social media platform is a decentralized peer to peer marketplace that enables users to buy and sell securely and fast..

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Swirge Pay

A decentralized payment platform that enables users to send payments from one user to another, secure, fast, and with a near to zero transaction fee.

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Decentralized Social Media

One decentralized application for social media, marketplace, and payments, all seamlessly integrated together, built on the blockchain.

Keith Mali Chung
Co-Founder & COO, Swirge.
“The world needs an equal financial opportunity to prosper and to flourish, Swirge is offering this opportunity for all...”

Decentralized Payment Platform

Swirge Pay is a decentralized payment platform that enables users to make fast, secure, and reliable transactions, and we make use of the ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain and BEP20 Binance Blockchain to facilitate cheap and fast transactions.

Johnson Daniel Jonah
Co-Founder & CEO, Swirge.
“Giving control back to people is a core mission in Swirge, as we decentralize the web through blockchain...”

About Us


Our Mission

To give users complete control over their account data, privacy, and finances through blockchain technology, and to empower users to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all..

About Swirge

We build decentralized applications on the Blockchain to completely decentralize the web, check out our Decentralized social media Swirge.

Our Community

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To get in touch, please email contact@swirgepay.com

As a small team we are unable to offer support in most cases but encourage anyone facing issues with their wallet, transaction, or Swirge | Pay related question to join our active community on telegram.